Biosan - Agri BVBA produces some very well-researched and tested products based on plants and plant extracts that improve the profitability of pigs, sows and cattle.
We also developed our own production system of synergic potentiation, hereby we obtain a very intense activity with small doses, and this remains at low costs.

Very much importance is attached to profitability, safety and traceability.
Production takes place in the establishment in Woumen and this in accordance with all GMP standards.

Biosan - Agri primarily focuses on:
  • feed conversion
  • daily gain
  • meat fat ratio
  • slaughter yield
  • meat technical characteristics
  • on sows Biosan - Agri focuses on rut and 'more weaned piglets per sow'

Agri Flanders 2019

10-13 jan. 2019




For more information about our products we're happy to come along to give advice on the use in your business.

New products!

Animal feed supplement in powder form for temporary supplement of the feed for PIGLETS when being weaned


Natural protection for newborn piglets

  • Lower risk of contracting bacterial infections
  • Prevents iron poisoning
  • With extra vitamin C for a stronger immune system
  • More vital piglets
  • Less waste
  • Protective effect on the gut and liver
  • Cost price: € 0.1/piglet

Natural protection for suckling piglets

  • Natural protection for the gut
  • Safe support of pathogenic E.coli prevention
  • Less waste with regard to piglets
  • Lower/no medication costs
  • Less additional work after weaning
  • Cost price: € 0.2/piglet

Natural protection for sows

  • Prevents oxidative stress
  • Supports the gut wall
  • Purifies the liver
  • Increases the immunity of sow and piglet
  • Stimulates the quantity and quality of the colostrum
  • Stronger newborn piglets
  • Cost price: € 0.15/piglet

More info: www.omniprotection.be

Improves feed conversion of pigs during the last 6-8 weeks.
At constant dosing it also improves the meat fat ratio.

For cattle

Improves day growth and feed conversion of both male and female cattle, as well as white and rosé veal calves.

Flagship product

At this time, many pig farmers are looking for a natural alternative to antibiotics. The product Curadyne has offered many companies a good alternative for different types of antibiotics.
The advantage is that there is no waiting period for the animals. It works very quickly on the respiration and after a few days the cough disappears from your stable. You can apply the product to 1 Kg / Ton preventive and 2 Kg / Ton curative.
It can be applied over the whole fattening period.